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Lamb licking BioBloc Stock Lick
Horse licking BioBloc Stock Lick
Cattle licking BioBloc Stock Lick

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BioBloc Stock Lick

Is an all natural livestock supplement block that provides all the nutrients essential for good health and well being of sheep, beef and dairy cattle, horses, goats, deer, camels and alpaca.

It is made from a range of premium quality organic products that have been formulated using biological principles and is designed to be used all year round in all seasons for optimal health.

BioBloc™ contains...
A balanced mix of chelated minerals, calcium, magnesium, amino-acids, kelp and over sixty plant derived micro-elements essential for livestock health.

A special feature of BioBloc™ is humate material with fulvic acid which holds the stored energy of
pre-historic plants, when this energy is transferred to animals their health and wellbeing is boosted.
Fulvic-acid is a remarkable nutrient and has an electrolyte function creating cellular balance-improving digestion for better mineral absorption with higher feed conversion.

The Benefits of BioBloc

  • Delivers broad spectrum mineralisation in one convenient block.
  • Is a pre-biotic providing selective nourishment to particular bacteria in the gut, improving digestion and therefore healthy manure with reduced fly activity.
  • Immune system booster, allowing the animal to fight off diseases.
  • May help to buffer the effects of nitrates in times of lush pasture growth, especially in winter and spring.
  • Proven to boost fertility.
  • Provides nutrition when feed is scarce or of poor quality, or in a drought situation.
  • Reduces stress, animals are content and satisfied.
  • Livestock will do well on stubbles and will utilise unpalatable feed more readily.
  • Soft material-no damage to teeth or tongue.
  • Formulated for use 12 months of the year, to maintain continuous good health.
  • Produces healthy mineralized meat for consumers.
  • Ideal for new born animals e.g. calves, lambs, kids, foals. Gets them off to a good start.
  •  Reduces the impact of weaning.
Boxed BioBloc Stock Lick
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Lambs licking BioBloc Stock Lick
Goats enjoying a BioBloc Stock Lick
Cattle licking BioBloc Stock Lick

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