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is an all natural mineral nutrition block for poultry and all birds.


It is an economical no fuss way to provide all the nutrients birds need, especially when confined in cages.

PeckaBloc contains…
a balanced mix of plant derived minerals and micro-elements, kelp, calcium, amino acids, grit and shell-grit.

A special feature of PeckaBloc™ is humate material which holds the stored energy of pre-historic plants, when this energy is transferred to birds the results can be outstanding. One of the benefits of providing fulvic rich humates is a healthy digestive system producing good quality manure with less odour and reduction in fly activity.

Peckabloc™ also contains Omega 3 fatty acids from wild ocean fish which has many health benefits, especially for human consumption in eggs and meat.

Why do birds need PeckaBloc™?
PeckaBloc™ contains small pieces of hard stone grit that are essential for birds eating whole grains.
Birds know they need these small stones to act like “teeth” and help to break up food in the gizzard, improving digestion. The stone grit also has a paramagnetic benefit which improves bird health and wellbeing.
PeckaBloc also contains premium shell-grit, which dissolves in the birds digestive system (unlike the stone
grit) supplying calcium for strong healthy bones and egg shells.

Observations and performance
PeckaBloc™ was released to the market in 2009 and we have received excellent feedback from poultry breeders with many positive observations regarding improvements in their poultry and eggs
Caged birds will particularly benefit from grit.

The convenience of a block has proved to be ideal for confined poultry as the nutrients remain intact in the block and are available at all times when needed.

If supplied continuously, birds will maintain good health with less stress, especially in large poultry systems where feather pecking and cannibalism may be a problem.

Birds enjoy pecking the block as it helps to relieve boredom especially if they are housed in cages or are run in large numbers.

Directions for use:

  • It is important to place your PeckaBloc™ in a tray to catch the pieces that crumble as the birds peck the block, you don't want to waste it.
  • For best results place the block under cover out of the weather.
  • If you have individual birds in small separate cages the smaller "Baby PeckaBloc" is ideal.
    • Remember PeckaBloc™ is a supplement and has no grain, it will complement your birds normal feed and does not take the place of your normal feed ration it contains no perishable material and will store indefinately.

      Average Consumption Rate
      PeckaBloc™ is long lasting and economical, birds tend to gradually graze the block as they feel they need it and do not eat it all at once.

      As a guide only - one 3kg PeckaBloc could last 12 birds 3 months or more, every situation is different and some birds get through the blocks quicker than others. If birds are free range they may have a slower consumption.

Red hen pecking PeckaBloc
Pigeon eating PeckaBloc
Chooks with Baby PeckaBloc
Intensively run chickens with PeckaBloc

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